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select sound design projects

already there

Britta Joy Peterson’s already there gathers together a gallery of vivid vitalities in the REACH’s Studio K. Timed entry reservations invite small groups to follow swells of music, light, and dance through this immersive installation. Audiences wind their way through vibrant rooms, sharpening their senses towards that which is often filtered out. Audiences may find themselves singing along, dancing with giants, or laying on the grass. Within these halls the scales are tipped, dwelling is essential, and togetherness is possible. 



Inspired by Mina Loy's poem "Songs to Joannes", Love Songs is a 32 part digital performance with artworks of varying format. 

XIX is a dance film in collaboration with choreographer Mattie McGarey that explores intimacy, longing, and connection through the body.

Choreography: Mattie McGarey 

Performer: Mattie McGarey 

Music and Sound Design: Bailey Trierweiler 


A dance for camera piece that explores physical movement and reawakening after extended periods of rest. 

Choreography: Mattie McGarey 

Performer: Mattie McGarey 

Edited by: Bailey Trierweiler

Music: And Still They Move by Colin Stetson, Sarah Neufeld 

Between Black and White

Choreographer: Vivian Kim
Dancers and movement collaborators (no order): rick manayan, Keith Haynes, Amy Lee, Alberta Shulman, Hanna Ghadessi, *Taylor King
Poetry: Jennifer Kwon-Dobbs

Music and Sound Design: Bailey Trierweiler Additional Music: Devin Alexander and SoundFORMovement Supported by: Boulder Arts and Culture and Colorado Creative Industries


Rubberneck, an evening length dance experience, observes and comments on our humanity, grappling with the understanding of both our insignificance within the universe and the magnitude of impact our habits have on each other and the environment. Bringing body language, symbolic gesture, and unspoken social cues to the forefront of this narrative, choreographer Mattie McGarey considers our evolution towards automation, the symbolism our bodies hold, and the ways our individual movements echo throughout humanity to construct the future of our existence.

Concept and Coreography: Mattie McGarey 

Sound Design: Bailey Trierweiler 

Lighting Design: Tiga Chrisie

grief dance

Performer: Mattie McGarey
Music and Sound Design: Bailey Trierweiler 

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