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select sound design projects

'Til Death

A radio dramatic podcast that celebrates and produces horror short stories by BIPOC authors. 

Written by Lynette S. Hoag 

Directed and Co-Produced by Gineris Garcia 

Co-Producer and Host - Wi-Moto Nyoka 

Performed by Kennedy Allen 

How Music Affects Animals

Stories abound of how music has changed our lives; inspiring us, helping us grieve, encouraging us to consume products, bringing us together, and even inciting us to violence. This podcast explores these stories in depth, always with an eye towards how science can help us understand these phenomena and what directions are left for further study. Co-produced by Indre Viskontas and Adam Isaak and sponsored by the Germancos Foundation.


An imitative true-crime podcast examining the “facts” around a peculiar incident. A teenage girl witnesses a violent attack in the middle of the street. No one else seemed to see it, and the police failed to investigate. If a murder happens and only one person sees it - and that person is a teenage girl - is it real? But what if a true crime is a fake crime? What is truth and what is fake news in the world we live in? Intrepid public radio reporter Martina Diaz guides us through a maze of interviews with friends and skeptics on NIGHTWATCH.

Written by Theresa Rebeck 

Directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel

Pleasure Machine

A nine-episode audio thriller that collides Sophie Treadwell’s expressionist drama Machinal with adrienne maree brown’s Pleasure Activism.  This episodic narrative podcast tells the story of one artist’s attempt to cultivate authentic experiences of pleasure inside the cacophonous pressures of capitalism. 

Written by Diane Exavier, May Treuhaft-Ali and Phaedra Michelle Scott
Directed by Tara Elliott

A Voice in the Dark

Director: Mia Walker
Written by Maggie McCaffery
Sound Design Team:
Music and Design Lead - Daniela Hart
Foley and Effects Lead - Brynn Scharenberg
Dialogue Editor and Mix Lead - Bailey Trierweiler
Recording and Mastering Lead - Noel Nichols
Produced by the Yale Cabaret

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